IATEL  offers different  possibilities to adults who wish to start learning or improve
their knowledge of the foreign language.
The focus of the classes is on listening and speaking through enjoyable group activities. Students are constantly monitored by the teacher, who pays attention not only to group
but also to individual needs. The lessons are supported by Interactive Whiteboard and internet based activities.
There are two types of courses so students can enrol according to their needs or time availability:

A)  Intensive Courses

Three weekly classes of 90 minutes each.

On finishing 4th Year the students can attend the Cambridge FCE 
(First Certificate in English) course.


B) Regular Courses

Two weekly classes of 90 minutes each.

On finishing 6 th Year they will be ready to enrol for the Cambridge FCE
(First Certificate in English) course. Likewise, and according to the level
attained and/or their professional needs, students can enrol for Business
English lessons.

The goal of these courses is to help the learners achieve a good command of the language, which will eventually allow them to use it either socially or in  work-related situations.

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