The Bugs (4 years old)

The Bees (5 years old)

Throughout these workshops, consisting of two weekly classes of 60 minutes each, 
the development of the listening and speaking abilities is highly stimulated. 
These classes are delivered entirely in English.

Preparatory level 1 (6 years old)

Preparatory level 2  (7 years old)

The aim of these courses is to introduce students to the English language in a
dynamic way. The material is selected taking into account the children's interests.
In these courses, delivered entirely in English, the students' progress is related to the development of the comprehension and speaking abilities, since the learning of reading
and writing corresponds to a later stage, once the students have gone through this 
process in their mother tongue.

The aim of these courses is to help the learners acquire a sound basic
knowledge of the English language in their early learning years.
Emphasis is placed on the permanent development of the 4 skills: receptive
(comprehension and reading) and productive (speaking and writing).
By means of stimulating and motivating activities (such as games,
projects, songs and team work related to their own experiences and preferences)
the students are guided towards the acquisition of
grammar and vocabulary items in a communicative way.

The courses, which consist of two 90-minute lessons per week, are reinforced
by means of interactive whiteboard and internet based activities.

The learners' progress is controlled through constant individual monitoring in
class and through monthly tests designed by the area vice-director.

Research shows that there is an ideal period
at an early age during which second language acquisition is easier.

The aim of these courses is to give the youngest children the opportunity to enjoy games, songs, tales, dramatizations and other creative activities while they learn English.

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