In the context of a digital world in which knowledge and information
are within the reach of  most of our students, ICTs (Information and 
Communication Technologies) burst into the classroom contributing novelty,
originality, a sense of immediacy, spatiotemporal flexibility and socialization. 

These new tools are used by our students in order to explore, find, 
analyse, exchange  and present information, as well as to share new
ideas and experiences not only among themselves but also with
students from different cultures.
Guided by their course teacher and by making use of a computer with Wi Fi 
connection and a projector, our students can resort to the tools available 
on the Internet and thus encounter the most dynamic, creative and 
motivating learning experiences ever.

Being this our main objective and in order to increase our students' interest
in learning even more, we have implemented the use of
interactive whiteboards that kids, adolescents and adults enjoy in their classes.

On the other hand, those students interested in consolidating their
knowledge can attend sessions in which they  have the 
opportunity to clarify doubts or correct mistakes through the specific
practice of relevant exercises specially designed by the institution for the
different levels of study. Such work, which could be alternatively done 
with computers, is monitored by specialized teachers. 

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