On 18 April 1955 Snow White's Kindergarten was born and it immediately started
to pave the way for the institute which was later called IATEL.

A kindergarten was a real need in those days as there were no nursery schools.

This fact, together with parents' favourable comments, made the kindergarten
grow fast.


In 1957 and at the request of
families whose children were about
to start Primary School,
English courses for kids
were launched.

In 1960 the English Department of
the kindergarten was named IATEL
–Institute for the Audio-visual 
Teaching of The English Language,
since “audio-visual” was the 
methodology used in those days.

Ms. María Esther G. de Mugerle (1933-2004) - Founder

These English courses for children were
so successful that in March 1969 IATEL
became independent of Snow White's and, together with its 400 students, it moved
to the first premises at Santiago 726.

Over the years, the Institute gained high prestige and experienced a consequent increase in enrolment. Always ahead of 
new technologies  and methodology,
IATEL was a pioneer in the use of audio equipment in every classroom, the
introduction of video and the creation 
of its own didactic material.

In 1982, IATEL moved to Rioja 2234. 
It was then that, without altering its
acronym, its name was changed for
“Institute for the Active Teaching of
the English Language”, according to the approach applied at the time. That year, around 1,800 students enrolled for the
wide range of courses offered.

In March 1985, the first Building was reopened for adolescent
and adult students while children and pre-adolescents would
attend classes at Rioja 2234.

In 1995, given the increase in the number of students, IATEL
moved from Santiago 726 to the present and larger premises
at Oroño 995. 

In March 1996 the first Multimedia Centre was opened at IATEL Oroño
Senior followed, a year later, by another one at IATEL Rioja.

In June 2002 the Norwegian marker
Det Norske Veritas (DNV) granted IATEL
the certification according to the Norms
ISO 9001 version 2000 in “Curriculum
Design and English language teaching procedures”. 
It can now be asserted that IATEL has
achieved a tradition of excellence and 
prestige throughout over 50 years of 
serious and creative work.


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