Bearing in mind the Institute's philosophy, the authorities aim to achieve the
following goals:

To fulfil and go beyond students' and parents' expectations.

To help students attain a distinguished level of both oral and written
     expressions of the English language.

To offer high-quality education so as to allow students to assess
     their knowledge within international parameters outside the Institute.

To provide students with the tools they need in today's demanding market.

To keep the teachers updated and committed to our goal.

To foster learning and participation in a positive environment.

  BECAUSE our methodology focused on communication and interaction,
    provides children, adolescents and adults with a sound knowledge of English.

  BECAUSE each course is carefully organised according to the students' age,
    motivation and interests.

  BECAUSE our students and their parents are aware of our highly personalised
    service and the way each student's progress is monitored.

  BECAUSE our teachers are selected not only because of their knowledge and
    teaching experience, but also because of their personal qualities, their ability
    to create an ideal learning atmosphere and their commitment to the school aims.

 BECAUSE our Multimedia Centres offer material especially designed to reinforce
    the students' knowledge. They can attend the centres with their teachers or
    individually (Self - Access).

  BECAUSE our students' performance in international exams is outstanding and they
    are aware of the fact that an international certificate is nowadays highly valued.

  BECAUSE our students enjoy our classes in an attractive, friendly and reliable
    environment, which makes learning more effective

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