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Enrolment for courses – academic For beginners
(Preparatory, 1st Children, 1st Year Junior,
1st Year Adolescents, 1st Year Adults)

Annual enrolment: substantial discount over full fee. Students attending Dante Alighieri / Adoratrices schools
According to the agreement between IATEL and the
above mentioned schools, such students will have to hand
in a photocopy of their last school fee payment at the moment
of enrolment. Large Family Discount 
50% off as from the third member.

End-of year part 2018       

9th November 2018
After a year of hard work, we celebrated the progress
and accomplishment of our students aged 4- 7,
who truly enthralled the audience with their
their end-of- term party. Everybody enjoyed watching
and listening to our kids speak and sing in English for over two hours.
The stories performed on stage were:

The stories performed were:

End-of-year Party
Celebración de fin de curso

We thank parents for their support and our teachers for their dedication,
creativity and commitment towards their students and our institution.


As usual this time of year, we are willing to provide information
about language experiences in England with TOGETHER, academic
specialists for courses in Great Britain.
A TOGETHER experience involves an English- language course and a
full schedule of activities connected to culture.
Students/Parents interested in further details may contact IATEL to
arrange an interview with Ms. Griselda Rodriguez- Director.

A prize is an incentive, a reward for work 
and effort. But it also implies a challenge for
both student and institution. For the student,
it means reaching a goal and a motivation to achieve new targets. For IATEL, it means the commitment to carry on with the policy of continuous improvement.
For this reason, at the end of each school 
term, IATEL's students are awarded prizes 
for best average and/or perfect attendance.

Below we are proud to display the names of 
the students rewarded at the end of term.

Download Prizes (word)

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